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Escharotics: Treatment of Abnormal PAPs & HPV

Some woman come in already having the pap and colposcopy and are looking for natural ways to address and reverse the abnormal pap. Others Dr. Southard finds through a standard well woman exam. Either way, Dr. Southard is happy to help. If you are a referral from another Doctor, Dr. Southard will perform the treatment and send you back when finished. Escarotic Treatment is an alternative to LEEP for certain types of cervical dysplasia.


The Pap test identifies abnormal cells sampled from the squamocolumnar junction where the inner and outer portions of the cervix meet (sometimes called transformation zone).  Cells are captured and sent to lab where they are viewed under a microscope.

Well woman exams are recommend for women over the age of 18 and all women who are sexually active. This visit includes a complete physical examination as well as a pelvic exam and PAP test. The PAP test is a screening measure for the detection of abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix, HPV, and cervical cancer.


If a pap test has detected the presence of abnormal cells, the next standard of care is for a colposcopy to measure the degree of changes. A solution of acetic acid is applied to the face of the cervix which causes any abnormal cells to appear white. The doctor can then take a biopsy, or tissue sample, from this area and send it to a lab to determine the presence and extent of cellular abnormalities.


Abnormal PAP tests have become extremely common in women. HPV is a virus associated with genital warts and cervical cancer. Currently, about 33% of the population suffer with HPV. It is easily transmitted between partners and there certain strains considered high risk for inducing cellular abnormalities that can progress to cancer if left untreated.


The conventional medical system solutions to abnormal pap smears is limited. They offer only only surgical and ablative options for the treatment of abnormal cells of the cervix- cryosurgery (freezing), conization, and LEEP (electrical burning of the cervix). These procedures don’t come without risk. Adverse side effects include risks of infection, bleeding, and scars on the cervix which can compromise its function.
LEEP has been associated with an increased risk of future pregnancy problems, according to The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). The LEEP procedure can cause cervical incompetence or problems dilating during labor.The cervix must be able to open and close normally in order for fertilization and conception to occur, to shed the menstrual blood, and to deliver a baby. These invasive procedures can put you at risk for abnormal function of the cervix.


Cervical escharotic treatment is a natural alternative to cryosurgery, conization, and LEEP procedures for certain stages of cellular abnormality. This procedure is an in-office treatment which involves direct application to the cervix with a series of plant-based formulas and nutraceuticals which induce the sclerosing and exfoliation of abnormal cells. The brilliant thing about nature is using these therapies does not cause damage to the normal cervical tissue as they are selective for the abnormal and HPV-infected cells. The treatment does not create the same potential risk of scarification as conventional treatment does.


The cervical escharotic treatment is performed twice weekly for 4-8 weeks while addressing the whole person systemically- building the immune system, diet, lifestyle, supplements, herbals, and individualized homeopathic treatment.

Escharotic treatments takes approximately 30 minutes.  The procedure starts with the application of bromelain to the face of the cervix which serves to break down the walls of abnormal cells. This is followed by the application of Sanguinaria canadensis tincture (Bloodroot) mixed with a solution of Zinc Chloride. The abnormal cells dry up and exfoliate, while the normal cells of the cervix are unaffected.  This is because the innate intelligence of nature can discern between which cells to treat and which to leave alone.  There is tremendous success treating women with lesions at ASCUS and CIN 1-3 (mild, moderate & severe cervical intraepithelial neoplasia) grades of abnormality. Escharotic treatments are safe, effective and an affordable option for the management of most abnormal PAP’s and HPV.


If Dr. Southard determines that you are a good candidate for Escharotic Treatment, she will go over the Escharotic Package. She does not do treatments a la carte. The reason is simple….Dr. Southard knows that women who faithfully follow the COMPLETE protocol and receive the recommend number of Escharotic treatments are the ones who are most likely to recover completely and permanently. Good compliance increases your chance for better results.

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