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  • "Working with Dr. Tice has been a game-changer. His personalized approach helped me overcome chronic digestive issues, allowing me to focus on my family and growing my company with renewed energy and vitality." - Sarah H., Founder and CEO

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    For over a decade, we’ve been helping people restore their health from complex chronic diseases. 

    The naturopathic approach is designed to eliminate symptoms, boost energy, rejuvenate the body, and accelerate the healing process.

    Professional Solutions 

    Tired of searching for answers? Tired of searching Google. Looking for a “naturopathic doctor near me” 

    Ask the experts. At Beachside Natural Medicine Clinic & Apothecary, we offer professional solutions. We’ve been eliminating symptoms, reversing chronic diseases and helping people create health for over 13 years. 

    Our team of naturopathic doctors, serving patients locally in Melbourne Beach, FL and Sedona, AZ. We also offer our services across the country via telemedicine. Take your health to the next level with 100% personalized protocols.

    Individualized Care

    Our whole person, naturopathic approach goes beyond just a label or a diagnosis. Everything is connected. We uncover the roots and connect the dots for you. 

    Through comprehensive case histories and appropriate lab testing, we uncover the root causes of your symptoms. Chronic issues often involve multiple organ systems.  Nothing is cookie cutter in our clinic. It doesn’t work like that. We provide individualized therapies for each patient.

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    Dr. Adam Tice is a naturoapthic doctor near me.

    Yes, we are currently accepting new patients.

    Our Medicine

    Time Tested

    Naturopathic Medicine

    A unique system of primary health care that emphasizes disease prevention and the promotion of optimal health utilizing modern lab testing and safe and effective natural therapies. 

    Evidence Based

    Functional Medicine

    Address the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Take the fast track.


    Homeopathic Medicine

    Experience the unique power of classical homeopathic medicine—a standalone system rooted in nature. It offers a non-toxic, gentle, effective path to wellness.

    Merging Medicine

    Integrative Medicine

    Creating health can be complicated. Save yourself 1000’s of hours on Google. Our naturopathic doctors connect the dots with complex health conditions. Smart medicine for smart people.

    Unlock Peak Physical Wellness

    10X your health by focusing on the 20% that matters. It’s the daily choices that create the most impact. Our naturopathic doctors focus on education and personalized guidance. We’ll meet you exactly where you are in your health journey. And take you to the next level. Let’s win together!

    Mind-Body Connections

    We fuse traditional naturopathic wisdom with modern science to create a comprehensive approach to health. Embark on a journey towards a balanced mind and a revitalized body! Our personalized programs, rooted in mind-body principles, will guide you towards your highest state of well-being.

    Eliminate Symptoms

    Go beyond symptom management—eliminate them. We target root causes like inflammation, blood sugar, metabolic, hormonal, immune and digestive issues. This blend of naturopathic wisdom and modern science helps you regain control of your health. Discover the power of a balanced body with our tailored programs.

    Longevity & Prevention

    Invest in your future health with our naturopathic doctors. We believe in playing the long game. Prevention and optimization are at the heart of our comprehensive approach. Our personalized programs are designed not just to treat, but to prevent, fostering long-term health and longevity.

    Testimonials from Thriving Patients:

     “Dr. Tice’s expertise in natural medicine has been invaluable in managing my autoimmune condition. Thanks to his guidance, I’ve experienced a significant reduction in inflammation, allowing me to excel in my professional career while prioritizing my well-being.” – Mark S., Dad & Investor


     “I can’t thank Dr. Tice enough for his support in my journey to optimal health. It all started with a search for “naturopathic doctor near me.” With his holistic approach, I’ve been able to conquer my thyroid concerns and regain my zest for life. As an entrepreneur, this transformation has been instrumental in achieving greater productivity and success.” – Laura M., Entrepreneur & Mom


     “Dr. Tice’s deep understanding of metabolic conditions has been life-changing for me. Through his guidance, I’ve been able to achieve weight loss, improved energy levels, and enhanced mental clarity. My career as a professional has reached new heights as a result.” – Michael T., Professional Athlete


     “Dr. Tice is a true visionary in natural medicine. With his help, I’ve overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, enabling me to focus on my business with unwavering determination. I am forever grateful for his dedication to my well-being.” – Emily R., Business Owner


     “Dr. Tice’s comprehensive treatment approach helped me address complex health issues that were hindering my productivity as an executive. I’m so glad I found a naturopathic doctor near me. Now, I’m thriving both personally and professionally, thanks to his personalized care and expertise.” – David K., Executive


     “I highly recommend Dr. Tice to anyone seeking optimal health and success. His integrative strategies have transformed my life, empowering me to navigate stress and achieve peak performance as an entrepreneur.” – Jessica L., Serial Entrepreneur


     “Dr. Tice’s guidance has been instrumental in my journey toward a healthier lifestyle. By addressing my gut health and implementing sustainable habits, I’ve experienced increased focus, reduced brain fog, and greater business growth.” – Ryan G., Small Business Owner


     “I’m amazed by the results I’ve achieved under Dr. Tice’s care. His holistic approach not only resolved my chronic pain but also restored my passion and motivation as a business professional. He’s a true asset to anyone looking to optimize their health.” – Sophia D., Business Consultant


     “Dr. Tice’s expertise in naturopathic medicine has exceeded my expectations. Through his guidance, I’ve achieved hormonal balance, improved sleep, and enhanced cognitive function. As a founder, these positive changes have allowed me to make significant strides in my industry.” – Alex P., Engineer & Tech Entrepreneur


    “I’m incredibly grateful for Dr. Tice’s expertise in natural medicine. His personalized approach and dedication to my well-being have helped me overcome chronic stress and burnout. Now, I’m thriving in my role as a founder, achieving remarkable success while maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.” – Rachel W., Founder and CEO


    “Dr. Tice’s guidance has been a game-changer for my mental health and productivity. With his support, I’ve overcome anxiety and gained invaluable tools to manage stress. As an investor, this transformation has allowed me to make clearer decisions and achieve greater financial success.” – Andrew M., Business Owner & Investor


    “Dr. Tice’s holistic approach to health has been truly transformative. With his guidance, I’ve successfully managed my chronic pain, allowing me to focus on growing my business with a renewed sense of purpose and energy. I can’t recommend his services enough.” – Jennifer R., Mom Entrepreneur


    “Thanks to Dr. Tice’s expert care, I’ve experienced a remarkable turnaround in my energy levels and overall health. As a professional in a demanding field, his personalized approach and natural solutions have helped me reach new levels of productivity and career fulfillment.” – Daniel H., Professional Consultant


    “Dr. Tice’s expertise in natural medicine and integrative strategies have been instrumental in managing my autoimmune condition. Through his guidance, I’ve achieved symptom relief, enabling me to excel both personally and professionally as an entrepreneur.” – Lisa K., Entrepreneur


    “Dr. Tice’s comprehensive approach to wellness has been a game-changer for me. By addressing underlying health issues, I’ve experienced significant improvements in my sleep, digestion, and overall vitality. As an executive, this newfound well-being has positively impacted my leadership and business growth.” – Eric S., Executive


    “I can’t thank Dr. Tice enough for his dedication to my health and success. His expertise in natural medicine has helped me overcome chronic migraines, enabling me to focus on my entrepreneurial ventures with a clear mind and renewed passion.” – Olivia C., Serial Entrepreneur


    “Dr. Tice’s personalized care has transformed my life in more ways than I could have imagined. His approach to naturopathic medicine has not only resolved my chronic health issues but also enhanced my mental clarity and emotional well-being. I’m now thriving as a business professional, reaching new heights of success.” – Benjamin L., Business Owner


     “I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Tice to anyone seeking optimal health and professional growth. His expertise in naturopathic medicine and commitment to patient care have helped me address my hormonal imbalances, allowing me to excel as a founder and achieve extraordinary results.” – Stephanie G., Founder and CEO


    “Dr. Tice’s guidance and support have been invaluable in my journey towards optimal health. Through his integrative approach, I’ve experienced a significant improvement in my immune function and overall well-being. As an investor, this newfound vitality has positively influenced my decision-making and financial success.” – Michael H., Investor

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    “As a seasoned expert in naturopathic medicine, I can say, eliminating symptoms and creating health isn’t a lofty goal—it’s an achievable reality.”

    ~Dr. Adam Tice

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