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    Have you tried everything and yet you are still looking for answers? At Beachside Natural Medicine Clinic & Apothecary, we have professional solutions. Ask the Naturopathic Experts! Reversing chronic disease and restoring health may sound like a lofty goal, but it is very real. We have seen it every day for over 10 years. We find the root causes of disease. When the obstacles to health are removed and the body is given the proper nutrients, it returns to a state of optimal health. Our team of naturopathic doctors serves patients in Melbourne Beach, Vero Beach Florida. We offer telemedicine services for our clients from around the country. We’ll take you to the next level of health using 100% natural therapies. Schedule a FREE consult to see if this is the right path for you.

    The Functional-Integrative-Naturopathic Medical model considers the diagnosis, of course, but also seeks to answer the question, “To what purpose does this person have this illness?” What are the underlying patterns and thought trends that have created this imbalance? The answer to this question is revealed by taking a good case history and appropriate testing to uncover what underlies symptoms, signs, illness behaviors, and demonstrable pathology. Chronic diseases often involve multiple organ systems, and this calls for a systematic method of viewing each patient and individualized therapies.

    To provide the best care possible, we gather information on all levels in order to INTEGRATE and INDIVIDUALIZE. We have been serving the community 10 years. We are helping people restore their health from complex chronic disease so they can be happier and healthier. Our Classical Nature Cure medicine includes (but not limited to) Homeopathic medicine, Herbal Medicines, Vitamin Therapy, Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, Live Blood Microscopy, Genetic Testing & Food Intolerance Assessment. We offer 12 week programs which remove the obstacles to cure, rejuvenate the body, and accelerate the healing process.


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    Our Medicine

    Time Tested

    Naturopathic Medicine

    A unique system of primary health care that emphasizes disease prevention and the promotion of optimal health utilizing safe and effective natural therapies.

    Evidence Based

    Functional Medicine

    Address the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.

    Pure Magic

    Homeopathic Medicine

    A dynamic system of medicine and healing that stands all on it’s own. The medicines are made from natural substances and are prepared so that they are entirely non-toxic.

    Merging Medicine

    Integrative Medicine

    It’s the best of all worlds. We put it all together. It’s consciousness-based medicine that takes into account the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.

    Intense Physical Well-being

    Create the body as you want! Let us help you bring awareness to the choices you make each day. We will educate you and meet you right where you are. How high do you want to go? Let’s go!

    Surprise Yourself

    Utilizing time tested technology rooted in the yogic sciences, we integrate worlds. You will create a healthy body and a sharp mind! You can achieve the peak potential you were born to. We design constitutionally based programs to take you as high as you can go.

    Sustainable Happiness

    What would it be like to live a stress free, conflict free life? Move… Create… Evolve to a place where your inner space becomes fertile ground for the mature flowering of your full potential as a human being. Come on!

    Pure Mind, Pure Ingredients

    Only pure, non-toxic substances assist you in your personal journey to the state of full spectrum wellness. Experiencing, Living, Radiating, and Sharing the most vibrant version of you with you and everyone else here in the New Earth!

    Homeopathic Flu Remedy is IN STOCK!

    * This is for entertainment purposes only. This is not medical advice. The state of Florida does not recognize Naturopathic Physicians. The Florida Medical Association actively opposes any other profession’s licensure or scope of practice expansion. In the state of Florida insurance is not accepted. We support education, informed consent and health care freedom of choice.

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