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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a dynamic system of medicine and healing that stands all on it’s own. It is based on the law of similiars, which means that a disease can be cured by a substance that will produce the same or similiar symptoms of the disease. If someone is healthy, a remedy may bring about the same symptoms it can cure. If someone is suffering from those specific symptoms, the body is stimulated to heal and symptoms resolve. This is just the opposite of what has become traditional practice to treat most conditions in the world today. The pharmaceutical industry has done a fantastic marketing job that makes us all think that we need to attack and destroy any symptoms that the body produces. Viewed through a different lens, these symptoms are glimpses of an imbalance that the body is providing. Homeopathy treats people by using medicines, which in crude doses, will produce the same or similiar symptoms of an illness. These minute doses stimulate the body, through it’s own innate healing abilities, to regain balance and restore health in the body and mind.

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Are homeopathic medicines safe?

Yes. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances and are prepared so that they are entirely non-toxic. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration regulates the manufacture and sale of homeopathic medicines. The medicines are prescribed in ultra-dilute dosages that make it safe for infants and elderly and everyone in-between. More and more studies are being done on homeopathic remedies by the scientific community due to their positive results in conditions ranging from colds, ear infections, headaches, and allergies to anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, and cancer. Homeopathy is almost certain to regain it’s rightful place in the American medical community soon enough. It will become an invaluable resource and benefit to millions, as it already is in many countries around the world including Great Britain, India, and Brazil.

What next?

A properly trained homeopath will generally take your case. This usually means getting a variety of details about your specific symptoms and you as a person overall. The amount of time that this takes depends on the complexity of the individual case and the experience of the homeopath. After the case is taken, generally the case will be studied to review all of the information gathered and choose the most appropriate remedy. Specific instructions are given about how to take the chosen remedy. After the remedy is started, it is important to follow-up to monitor and guide your progress toward your optimal healing.

Is there specialized training?

It is important to have expert training when utilizing homeopathy to treat people who are suffering due to symptoms of disease.  It is critical that the remedy that covers the case as close as possible be selected.  There are over 2000 different homeopathic remedies to choose from, and each must be carefully selected and prescribed on an individual basis.  No two cases are exactly the same.  In addition, knowing how to follow up on a case is just as important as the original prescription.  Understanding when to give another dose of the same medicine, when to increase the strength, or determining when to switch to a different remedy makes the difference in whether the homeopathic treatment is successful.  A trained and experienced homeopath will know how to follow your individual case to achieve consistent and successful results.

Dr. Tice and Dr. Tice were fortunate enough to study extensively for 4 years with internationally renowned experts in homeopathy including Stephen Messer, N.D., DHANP, and Eric Udell, N.D. Combined, they have over 20 years of clinical experience prescibing for hundreds of patients successfully.

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