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Naturopathic Gynecology

As a patient of Dr. Southard’s you can expect individualized, intelligent, compassionate, comprehensive, care. You will be listened to. Dr. Southard has treatments for a wide range of conditions, including menstrual issues, issues related to pregnancy, naturopathic pregnancy, menopausal symptoms, cervical dysplasia, endometriosis, infertility and more.

Services Include
  • Gynecological Services including annual exams and pap testing
  • Escarotic Treatment (an alternative to LEEP for certain types of cervical dysplasia)
  • Conventional and Functional Lab Testing
  • Preconception Detoxification
  • Naturopathic Fertility and Pregnancy Support
  • Hormones and Menopause

Well woman exams are recommend for women over the age of 18 and all women who are sexually active. This visit includes a complete physical examination as well as a pelvic exam and PAP test. The PAP test is a screening measure for the detection of abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix, HPV, and cervical cancer.


Abnormal PAP tests have become extremely common in women. HPV is a virus associated with genital warts and cervical cancer. Currently, about 33% of the population suffer with HPV. It is easily transmitted between partners and there certain strains considered high risk for inducing cellular abnormalities that can progress to cancer if left untreated.


Cervical escharotic treatment is a natural alternative to cryosurgery, conization, and LEEP procedures for certain stages of cellular abnormality. This procedure is an in-office treatment which involves direct application to the cervix with a series of plant-based formulas and nutraceuticals which induce the sclerosing and exfoliation of abnormal cells. The brilliant thing about nature is using these therapies does not cause damage to the normal cervical tissue as they are selective for the abnormal and HPV-infected cells.  The treatment does not create the same potential risk of scarification as conventional treatment does. The cervical escharotic treatment is performed twice weekly for 4-8 weeks while addressing the whole person systemically- building the immune system, diet, lifestyle, supplements, herbals, and individualized homeopathic treatment.

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The sure way to measure the health of woman is to analyze her cycle. Given the right environment, they body can heal and the cycle will fall right into balance.  Rather your suffering from menstrual cycle imblances such as irregularity, painful periods, heavy bleeding or PMS- it can be successfully treated with proper nutrition, supplements, homeopathy and herbs.


There is no better way to prepare the body for pregnancy than starting a year before conception. Often times woman wait to become pregnant before they think about being healthy. Times are changing and its called CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION. Preparing the body for conception is the utmost importance as we are being bombarded with toxins ranging from environmental to emotional. Dr. Southard is an expert in preparing the body for conception. She only uses the most natural solutions to detox and prepare the body for whats to come.


Healthy pregnancies give healthy babies.  Naturopathic Children are some of the healthiest children on the planet.   Whether your choosing a midwife or a OB/GYN, Dr. Southard can work with them to ensure a successful pregnancy and a healthy child.  She’s an expert in Pre-Natal health.  Whether it’s symptoms of pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies, mental/emotional support, or to help to prepare the body for labor and delivery, nothing compares to Naturopathic Support during these times.  Dr. Southard can also serve as your go to for post-labor issues, child or mother.   With tender loving care and compassion, you and your baby deserve the best.

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Hormones are the direct link between our spiritual, emotional, and physical body. The endocrine system is a sensitive system in the body that can be prone to imbalances. Typical symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, menstrual irregularities, mood disturbances and more. We have tools that can help. We start with conventional lab testing and can move further into more functional/naturopathic testing if necessary. If your looking for a solution for hormones, but want to do a more nature cure approach- Dr. Southard is your token. She’s does not use conventional hormones OR bioidentical hormone therapy but relies more on the innate intelligence of nature such as diet, homeopathy, herbal medicine and more. She has had several successful cases of curing insomnia, treating thyroid without hormones, acne, normalize menstrual cycles, fertility, and transitioning through menopause with a holistic approach to hormone health.

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