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What does it take to get you started on your path to healing?

Do you want to achieve lasting results versus a quick fix suppression?

Do you want to stimulate the inherent healing capacities of the body utilizing naturopathic technologies.

We can never give an exact time line on how long your body will take to heal. It’s different every time. That’s right…your body heals itself in its own time given the correct formulation of treatments. The 30 Day Membership establishes you as a patient and sets you well on the way to health. If patients initiate treatment with unrealistic expectations that cannot be met, we’re setting everyone up for failure. The truth is, Naturopathic Medicine is not a rapid suppression of disease symptoms. It is a completely different medical paradigm. The old medical paradigm is the kind of care most people are conditioned to using. In the old paradigm, suppression is mistaken and/or confused with “healing.”

There is more to the story…

When using suppressive therapies grounded in an old medical paradigm, in the initial stages, symptoms disappear. You’re given the illusion you are better. Then, weeks to months or even years later, the symptoms return with a vengeance. Many times, when they return, the symtoms are much worse. This is how it works. It’s the suppressive model that we have all been hypnotized and coerced into using.

Instead, at New Earth Naturopathic, we are using safe, gentle and effective naturopathic technologies. We systematically identify and remove the causes of disease. We establish positive lifestyle regimens. We stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the body. We correct structural integrity. It is on this journey, through the Therapeutic Order of Naturopathic Medicine, that we will serve as your guide and ally.

The time line for healing can range anywhere from a few months up to a year, depending the on the severity and complexity of the illness. By investing in yourself to 30 days of dedicated attention and accountability, it sets you up for the path that will keep you on track. It paves the way for long term removal on symptoms and true healing.

We’re up front about what it is going to take to get you better.

We’re in when you’re in.

30 Day Membership Includes

First Office Visit: During your first office visit, we take time to uncover the root causes of your main health concerns. We listen to you. We collect an extensive health history and evaluate current concerns. We will review labs and/or imaging you have and develop additional naturopathic and functional lab recommendations. On average, this appointment lasts 2-3 hours. Additionally, each case receives additional study for case analysis and to create individualized treatment programs.

Follow-up after 30 days: This allows us both ample time to make sure we’re on the right track. We follow up on your program. We check in on the progress and improvements of your symptoms. We make adjustments to your treatment plan to get the best results possible.


Our clinic is located in beautiful Encinitas, California, USA. Paramahansa Yogananda completed Autobiography of a Yogi, on the cliffs of Encinitas overlooking this stretch of deep blue Pacific Ocean. We are nestled in the heart of the energy field of the Self Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahamsa Yogananda. 1975, Sri Pattabhi Jois came here on his first trip to the United States, essentially appointing Encinitas as the birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga in America. Indian sitar master Ravi Shankar moved to Encinitas noting it as an ideally tranquil place to focus on making the transcendent music he is known for.

We have patients from all over the world who come and spend time to receive one on one attention and integrative care for a wide range of conditions. We have beautiful weather year round, meditation gardens and spectacular beaches 2 blocks from the clinic. There are plenty of nearby healthy restaurants and attractions. It’s a great change of pace from Orange County or Los Angeles. Just come down to the office, and hit the reset button each time you come for your follow-up. It’s an opportunity to add value to your life. Accommodations can be arranged if you are traveling from out of town for your office visits.

If you are looking to make an investment that counts… This is it!


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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive 10% off of the unit price for each additional family member that joins. Please ask for customization. We can accommodate.

Supplements are chosen in a very individualized way. There is no way to estimate what each individual will need. They are not included in the cost. Your nutrients will evolve over the course of the program. Furthermore, we have no way of knowing what testing is indicated until we sit down with you and discuss your individual health issues. There is absolutely nothing cookie cutter about this program. That is what makes this such a tremendous opportunity!

Tuition for the program is $1997

Click the button above: call the office right now. We will have your initial consult scheduled with a doctor immediately.

If you’re not 100% better by 30 days of treatment, we simply continue to another plan. We can apply the 30 Day membership toward a 90 Day Membership or an Annual Membership. Or we can simply convert to a pay as you go model after that. We get a head start on things! This is a great way to get established, gain progress, and feel better.