Wake UP!

It’s a rainy night. A man walks into the emergency room. The nurses, thinking he is the new doctor in town, immediately call out to the man and grab him. They take him briskly into the operating room. There is a patient on the table with an abdominal wound. He needs immediate attention. The surgeon on duty has left the building and this man has to complete the procedure. He is handed the surgical tools and given permission to proceed.

He stares blankly at the patient on the table. He looks to the nurses around the room. He doesn’t know how to use the tool which he has been given. There are no other surgeons, and something has to be done now. Instead, he grabs a different tool and proceeds in his attempt to close the patient up and complete the procedure. He struggles for 2 hours until finally the patient has lost too much blood.

It’s too late. The patient dies. He has to now face the family and explain that “He did everything he could, but due to complications, the patient has passed on.”

The truth is….He doesn’t know how to use the tools effectively, even if they are put into his hands. He’s not a surgeon. So he failed.

You see, there are certain concepts, tools, instruments, techniques and technologies unique to each field of expertise. Surgeons have theirs. Engineers have their tools. Naturopaths have their tools. It’s all about the training and which particular lens you are viewing the situation through. What paradigm are you living in? Even when you are given the tools and concepts, you have to have the right mental framework to use them MOST effectively. Get it?

In Naturopathy and Ayurveda, boosting vitality and the science of rejuvenation is used for healing the human system and rejuvenating the body. This concept was not taught to us in medical school or in the contemporary culture. It was not taught in grade school or science class. It is not understood by mainstream medicine and is therefore dismissed and discredited. It is not part of the dominant paradigm.


You don’t throw out the tool or technology just because you don’t know how to use it!

The truth is, vitality is real, everyone knows it exists. You know when you feel ALIVE.

The science of vitality has been taught for 1000’s of years in wisdom traditions like Ayurveda and Yoga. Western medicine can not account for the vital force energy. There is no place for it in “evidence based science”. There is no enzyme, molecule, vitamin, mineral or neurotransmitter pathway to point to. Vital Energy, Life Force, Prana or Chi….these concepts all transcend the dominant school of medicine’s paradigm. They can not explain it within their framework, so it is dismissed.

They don’t get it.

Ayurvedic medicine, yogic sciences and naturopathy all attend to this basic tenet of health and longevity. One side effect (and after effect) of a good detox program is developing robust immunity and rejuvenating cellular health. Optimal health ensues when the vitality is high.

When vitality is high, one views life with an attitude of excitement and adventure. It opens the space of possibility to achieve and live your dharma and true purpose. It encourages and assists you to realize your dharma or purpose in this life.

Can anyone do a detox or drink some green juice? Sure. But, remember you have to know the full range & capacity of the tools to get maximum benefit and to experience the most successful outcomes. You have to know how to use the instrument properly to get the deepest and lasting effects. We’re going deep here…..It’s energetic surgery….
You still there?

As you can see, it’s not just about “Detoxing”. It goes much deeper to the subtle layers of a person’s being. This is where I’m working. It’s much more than a detox. But, you’ve got to call it something……How’s your vitality?

Are you feeling ALIVE?

Have a great day!

~Dr. Tice

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