Dr. Adam Tice | Dr. Jennifer Tice

Systems Based Modules

Functional Evaluation

Systems Based Medicine

Individualized micronutrient, food, and lifestyle recommendations.

Stress Buster

Keep calm and carry on.

Stress takes a toll on the body and the mind… Hit the reset button!

Healthy Heart

Naturopathic Cardiology Program

Get the inflammation down. Put out the fire. Feel better. Live longer.

Anti-Inflammatory Program

Reduce pain. Feel better. Look great.

Inflammation is the root cause of most pain and chronic diseases.

Hormone Rejuvenation

Support hormones naturally

Rebuild and replenish the entire endocrine system from the ground up.

Longevity and Anti-aging

Grow Younger!

Grow younger with scientifically recommended nutrients to roll back the clock.

Blood Sugar Blaster

Treat Diabetes Naturally

Keep blood sugars under control, prevent diabetes, and treat diabetes naturally!

Medical Weight Loss

Clear obstacles and lose belly fat

Achieve your weight loss goals. Start TODAY! Yes, you can… the organic WAY!

Specialty Modules & Programs

Medical Retreats

Naturopathic Medical Retreat

Let the doctors customize your medical retreat. Where Vacation and Medicine merge.

Conscious Pregnancy

Create Naturopathic Babies!

Naturopathic kids are healthy. When kids are healthy, kids are happy. When kids are happy, family is happy.

Detox with the Doctors

Medical Rejuvenation.

Experts in Medical Cleanses, Detoxification & Spiritual Fasting. Rejuvenation at its Best!

Naturopathic Lifestyles

Transform Your Life... Forever!

Strategic Health System: It’s natural health insurance. Annual Plans available.