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The current health care system and modern medicine are only capable of creating long-term chronic disease. It does nothing to relieve a patient of what ails him. Due to a difference in medical paradigms, the words “cure” are not allowed.  This application of natural health technologies  do not fit into the context of allopathic medicine.  There is no place.

Functional medicine and holistic house calls are results oriented. Modern medicine does nothing to address the root issues of a person’s life.  Properly addressing the root cause of imbalance is pre-requisite to achieving results and alleviating symptoms long term.  The real focus is on addressing the root causes of dis-ease, so you can successfully cultivate health, wealth, and relationships in your life.  If you have tried to make the lifestyle changes on your own but your not able to make it stick, that’s where we come in.  We can help you make the shift toward ideal health.

Is the current healthcare system stressed and out of date? Yes. By some estimates, the average doctor’s office visit lasts only 5-7 minutes. Many MD’s are busy meeting demands of too many patients per day. The system is stressed.  Furthermore, most MD’s are constrained by the range of therapies that insurance companies reimburse for. The truth is that most people are not satisfied with such a poor level of care.  Did you know that over 106, 000 people die each year due to taking chemical medicine as it was prescribed.  Wow!  That’s third leading cause of death annually only behind cancer and heart disease.  We’re all looking for solutions. Moreover, many healthy minded people are left out in the cold when it comes to accessing high quality, holistic and naturopathic healthcare.

Information Overload. There is so much information available on the internet these days, it’s difficult to decide what is real and what is not real.  That’s what is so great about the house call model.  It’s person to person care.  We are filling a gap in health care by providing the personal attention and natural therapies needed to achieve the best results quickly.

Why Online? Honestly, it’s the fastest way to health. When looking for the root causes of imbalance in a persons health, you have to think holistically. This means how we are visiting with our patients too. That means looking closely at how someone is living and examining the environment in which they are living. Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with thousands of people and what I have found is that we can speed the healing curve up dramatically using this approach. We empower people so they can enjoy their of their lives,” states Dr. Tice. We accept a limited number of clients to ensure only the best care is given.  We’re working only with highly motivated individuals to achieve their health goals in a short amount of time.

Why Holistic? It’s common sense. It’s time tested.  It works. It’s the surest and safest way to bring a person to ideal health rapidly.  I’ve seen it over and over again with my patients. You can achieve results using gentle, effective, natural methods.  Educated persons know this to be true, we all can use a little guidance.

Dr. Tice and his health creation team provide professional holistic health and naturopathic consulting services to clients all over the world. We do this through our “Strategic Health System” and the “Natural Foundations System.”  We’ll help you rebuild your health from the ground up today. We offer full service online naturopathic consultation and laboratory services which makes our services easily accessible for our patients that travel or live worldwide.

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Dr. Adam Tice is a Naturopathic Doctor. He is an expert in functional medicine, ayurvedic sciences, and naturopathic medicine. He attended naturopathic medical school at SCNM in Arizona and currently runs a successful holistic clinic in Florida. He has previously practiced in Arizona at the world famous “Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center” with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD.  He has also practiced in southern California specializing in vitamin therapy, regenerative medicine using platelet rich plasma and stem cells. He combines holistic thinking with his background in clinical medicine to provide a deep root level healing that is needed in today’s world.

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