PAIN MANAGEMENT - Prolotherapy. Platelet Rich Plasma. Stem Cells.

We provide with safe and effective, non-surgical alternatives to joint replacements and orthopedic surgeries. These are non-surgical, office-based joint procedures give you an alternative to invasive and costly joint replacements, surgeries and other orthopedic surgeries, which are often times ineffective. For more information on Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma and Regenerative Medicine:  Click Here

NATUROPATHIC PRIMARY CARE - Comprehensive. Unique. Solutions.

We’re Naturopathic by training….Functional by thinking…Integrative by Choice.  We utilize modern labs, technology, and diagnostic capabilities.  We develop personalized treatment plans for a wide range of conditions. We provide you with the solutions you’ve been looking for. Your safe. It’s effective. All natural.  Organic Medicine. Finally! It’s the best of BOTH worlds!

NATUROPATHIC URGENT CARE - Healing. Power. Naturally.

We’ve got solutions for the common issues that arise like colds and flu, sore throats, UTI, infections, or bumps and bruises.  We also do first-aid including sprain/strains/fractures, burns, etc. If you are looking for safe, effective, and natural urgent care and first aid for you and your family…we can help.

*Please note: If this is a medical emergency, please go to the ER and call us on the way or after. Contact naturopathic doctor Encinitas for integrative medicine Encinitas, pain management Encinitas, pain management san diego. Naturopathic doctors providing natural pain management and primary care in Encinitas, Ca. Serving Southern California for naturopathic solutions.

We can offer great integrative care to most situations, but while in an Emergency State, please proceed to hospital or call 911.

PEDIATRICS - Holistic. Kids. Healthy.

We offer Naturopathic Medicine for your children. We work with kids of all ages, from pre-conception and beyond.  From teething and colic to stomach aches to behavioral issues, we offer safe and effective solutions to assure healthy development in your child’s life. Your child matters. Whether it’s prevention, or to reverse chronic ailments such as asthma, allergies, recurring colds/flus. We can handle the simplest cases to the most complicated.  If you want to raise Naturopathic Kids…

LAB TESTING - Personalized. Functional. Science.

We offer a wide range of laboratory tests ranging from basic blood work, hormone testing, genetic testing to specialized functional assessments that provide us with the essential information needed to customize each personalized treatment plan.

CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY - Individualized. Characteristic. Transformative.

We offer classical homeopathy. Homeopathy actually forms a foundation in many cases for shifts in health that are long term and transformative.  I like everyone to be on a remedy.  Kids love it!


Vitamin injections are a quick way to get a nutrient boost.  It’s the gateway for lots of folks to the world of natural medicine.  Everyone loves a B12 energy boost.  We can customize a vitamin mixture to meet your needs.  Boost immunity, raise energy, increase focus, sharpen concentration, and enhance weight loss.  Give it a shot!

BLOOD DRAW CENTER - Quick. Easy. Accessible.

We accept insurance for many of our lab services.  We provide on-site blood draw facilities to make your life easier.  We use major labs (Quest & LabCorp) as well as specialty lab companies. For our uninsured patients, or if you have high deductibles, we are established with cash pay labs to provide the same high quality lab services at discounted rates.  It’s all right here.  Boutique-Style.  We’re ready when you are.

MEDICAL RETREATS - Rejuvenate. Tonify. Elevate.

Many times, the outpatient setting and routine office visits are not quite enough to get the kind of healing you really need. Let the doctors customize your medical retreat.  A retreat setting provides the setting for the body to be rejuvenated and healed at the deeper levels.  Dr. Tice and Dr. Southard are both experts in medical detoxification and rejuvenation.  Whether you are seeking physical healing and/or activating your highest mental and spiritual capabilities, this is the way to go.  Customized Medical Retreats. The doctors have worked in some of the world’s elite medical retreat settings, including the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD in Patagonia, AZ.  Call for details.  Let us design your program today!

YOGI MEDICINE - Sound. Light. Awaken.

Utilizing time tested technology rooted in the yogic and vedic sciences, we truly integrate worlds. You will create a yogic body and a vedic mind! You can achieve the peak potential you were born to. We will design constitutionally based programs to take you as high as you can go.

HOUSE CALLS - Traditional. Family. Caring.

We bring the traditional care of doctor, patient, and family medicine to your home.  We provide house-call services to the areas of Encinitas, San Diego, and Southern California.  For specific locations, call us.  There is no additional fee for a house call- we simply charge by time.  Time starts when we leave the office and stops when we return.  Easy.